I realize that we have not met, but I still want to thank you for helping to plan the best birthday surprise ever. My Mom loved every part of our magical England experience. Driving up and seeing Highclere Castle in the distance was a wonderful moment ! Everything you had set up for us went smoothly and we were able to sit back and a truly remarkable time.

Thank you !

Kristen Baker, April 2015


I just wanted to send you a note to tell you a little about our trip and to thank you for your assistance.

Everything from the transfers, to the car rental, to the hotels even the travel card was fantastic. I really enjoyed riding the buses from place to place and we put over 300 miles on the car and walked over 12K steps a day. We got to see castles, palaces, gardens, markets and little towns.  Just like we wanted!

All went very smoothly and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  It will be on the top of our most favorite trips.

The hotels were beautiful, comfortable and all of them had amazing food. (and we are foodies!!)

Thank you once again and we very much appreciate all your assistance.

Phil and Celeste Batuk, AZ, Sep 2017


All of the hotels arranged were lovely. The staff’s welcoming and helpful attitude in Salzburg was particularly gracious. The guides were also excellent. I think we managed to see and do as much as anyone could possibly do in the short time we were there.

All three concerts were fun and different. The walking tours were great for orientation to the cities we visited (although my feet were tired afterwards!). The trips into the countryside were beautiful and a change of pace. It was fun to get away from the crowds for a while. The full day tour from Vienna into the Alpine country was especially fun and my friends were quite impressed that I “went hiking in the Alps.”  Actually, that might have been a slight exaggeration, but I enjoyed the hike anyway.

Overall, the trip had just the right mix of activities and having the driver with us all the time was a terrific help.

Florence Ray, AZ, June 2017

My clients have been extremely happy with all travel arrangements made by Simon. The accommodations, drivers and guides throughout the UK, France & Italy get very high marks.

I appreciate that he follows up with my clients during their trip and having someone in the same time zone to assist.

Terri, Folsom, CA, November 2017

Several months ago, Simon Maxwell, of Harrison/Maxwell, visited our office to describe his company as an On-Site for the United Kingdom. His presentation was flawless and actually quite exciting. In Mid-January, a client of mine who had been searching for me for quite some time, called to discuss an upcoming trip with me. It was quite involved and required small inns and hotels in out-of-the-way places as well as theatre tickets to local theatre groups. I used several Virtuoso On-Sites to propose and quote the trip for me as well as Harrison/Maxwell. The result was that Harrison/Maxwell was about $5000 less than anyone else. Both I and my client are happy to report that this On-Site achieved all that they had set out to do to make my clients trip, a trip of a lifetime !

Jeff, Northern California, April 2018

“The arrangements made by Simon were top notch – the guides were fantastic and we really enjoyed all the various activities/tours. The trip was certainly a success!”

Danielle Elder, Canada, 2018

“We had a wonderful trip. In Berlin our guide was very good. I just wish we had had more time there. Two weeks in London was fabulous. We saw 4 plays, 8 museums, and walked our feet off.  We also became expert at using the Underground. The traffic just took too long.

Our short stint to Normandy was wonderful – loved the train – and Villa Lara in Bayeux was very nice. They are adding big addition with some huge rooms in an old building adjacent to it. The tour guide was a history buff on everything about WW2 and especially that area”.

Richard and Sally Lehmann, U.S. September 2018